Podcast write-up

Podcast – Ep58: Things I learned in life, thus far

The original episode was posted last May 24 on Kristine’s Voice: The Podcast‘s social media pages. You may also stream it on your favorite podcast streaming platforms. 🙂


As I celebrate another year of life, let me share with you some of my most important realizations, thus far. I know we are all different and are going through unique experiences, but I believe being human is something we all share. Through our many experiences, we discover what matters most to us and what it really means to be alive.

I share with you my 30 life lessons. I hope some these resonate with you.

  1. Life is short.
  2. Let go of things you cannot control.
  3. Be kind (to others and to yourself).
  4. Celebrate small victories.
  5. Be genuine in your interactions.
  6. Be honest with yourself.
  7. Stop comparing.
  8. There’s not always a correct answer.
  9. Not every one needs to know your business.
  10. Think before you act, speak, and click.
  11. Help without expecting anything in return.
  12. There’s nothing wrong with asking for help.
  13. Immerse yourself in the arts.
  14. In your quest for success, don’t go walking over other people.
  15. Stick it out. Stand by your decisions.
  16. Stop obsessing over what-ifs and what-could-bes.
  17. If you think you’re running out of options, think again. Maybe a change in perspective is what you need.
  18. Let reading take you places.
  19. It’s okay to feel deeply.
  20. Bad days are welcome.
  21. Fail many times. Fail often. Learn as you go along.
  22. It’s okay to be ordinary.
  23. Invest in yourself.
  24. Laugh from the heart.
  25. We’re all different, but not really.
  26. Do not eat only to feel bad afterwards, haha.
  27. Embrace everything that you are.
  28. Learning never stops.
  29. Walk by faith.
  30. Don’t be afraid to start over and start again.

In the video episode below, I give further explanation to some of these 30 points, just so it’s clear where I’m coming from when I listed down these life lessons.

I hope you find this helpful!

💜, Kristine


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