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Unfiltered: No Shame, No Regrets, Just Me by Lily Collins

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Today is special as this particular entry falls under both a book review and a podcast episode write-up (which I will share the link to below). Some parts, admittedly, have already been posted in my Kristine’s Booklist Instagram account, with slight changes and additions because clearly Instagram cannot accommodate all this text due to its limited character input.

As for the podcast episode I created about this book, feel free to check it out on Spotify under Kristine’s Voice: The Podcast. I am basically highlighting the best parts I have taken away after finishing Lily’s book — wrapped in a theme of becoming a better version of yourself. And, let me get this straight, this theme is applicable at any given time of the year, not just the New Year’s. So, read on or, if you so prefer, stream away.

To say this book, Unfiltered, came at the right time is an understatement.

I enjoyed Lily’s approach to writing and her friendly tone all through 18 chapters. It’s like listening to a friend bare her problems and fears, and engage in an important part of socializing where I just listen, understand, and empathize. Come on, let’s be real, due to the pandemic, it’s been extremely difficult meeting friends and family, more so, keep them updated on all the sh*t you’ve been going through. So, if you ever get a chance to read this book at this particular point in time, I do hope you appreciate having Lily as your friend while she shares with you her life.

As Lily shares her story, I learn from her experiences and relate it to my own. I particularly resonate with her issues on food and self-image (something I am still constantly working on). It is quite unfortunate but I strongly believe that most women have had some sort of issue with food and self-image at some point in their life. It’s mostly a by-product of the social constructs society had had us believing and nurturing. You should see me let out a long exhale and a sigh of relief when Lily started writing about cooking and baking, and how it sort of became a healing process for her and her relationship with food. She explains the difficulties attached to altering one’s perspective of food and self-image (among many other issues) when one’s external environment seems to oppose every step towards progress she has ever made.

I cannot completely imagine how she dealt with a life under the spotlight, almost under a microscope most of her life, but being her brave and amazing self, she tells us parts of that too. How she continued to improve herself in her chosen career. How she moved on from what was a toxic and abusive relationship. How she regained her self-confidence and self-worth. How she found peace of mind, love, and support from family and friends. Really, I am just so proud of her. See? She transformed to be my friend when I was reading the book.

It is utterly refreshing to find this gem of a book by a brilliant actress, who seem so out of reach, but chosen to plant her feet firmly on the ground, reminding each of us that we are all but human. We have our own struggles and issues to deal with. That nothing will ever be perfect but we continue living anyway. We grow, we learn, we become stronger.

I give this book 4 stars. Considering I read this at the beginning of the year, I can still remember the many aspects of her experiences and stories that I enjoyed. It left me with an awareness of my strengths to get through life’s challenges. That there are problems I am not experiencing alone, and that leaning on people who can provide us the kind of help and support we need is never a sign of weakness.

I finished Netflix’s Emily in Paris before starting this book, and I love love love her there. Well, it’s no secret that I love her even more now after finishing this read. I mean, I am a fan of Emily, but Lily will always be my favorite.

Oh! Did you know that Lily just got married? I think it was just last week, with her beau Charlie McDowell. Congratulations and best wishes, Lily and Charlie!! You guys should google it now and see some of the photos. She looks absolutely divine in her wedding dress.

  • Title: Unfiltered: No Shame, No Regrets, Just Me
  • Author: Lily Collins
  • Year published: 2017
  • Publisher: Harper Collins
  • Total number of pages: 235
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-062-47302-8


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