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In Summary: My September 2021 Reads

September is indeed a busy month for moi. Life continues to be challenging, so it’s to the books I go.

I wrote a number of reviews for some of the books listed here, but not for everything if you would notice. Some reads need time to be processed, others I intend to keep my thoughts on private, possibly for articulation later. There are novels that offer linked characters, either they follow a certain storyline like that of a sequel or they simply exist within a common universe. Either way, those books I prefer to finish first as a set before I attempt to make a review.

There are also ones I felt have definite endings–for sure, not cliff-hangers, so those I feel more confident writing reviews about. For example, Rainbow Rowell’s Carry On and Wayward Son are two parts of a trilogy. I already wrote a review for both of them because book one had a clear transition to book two, and book two occurred in an entirely fresh and separate setting which makes it exist on its own–not that it’s not connected to book three, but I believe spoilers are not made when I wrote the review because of the nature of the content of book two.

Compared to Abby Jimenez’ The Friend Zone and The Happy Ever After Playlist, which I have not yet written any reviews about. There is a third book connected to the characters in these stories, and any attempt to write about them separately might preempt my general view of the entire book collection. I mean, for sure the characters have their own unique stories, but they all exist in one universe so if I write about it now without reading all three novels, I might miss some important connections the author had made. So, I think it’s best to wait.

Alright. This is not really a review post but just a quick rundown of my reads for the month. I have my favorites, which you can already deduce from the photo.

There you go. I hope you had amazing discoveries this month!

I can’t wait for next month’s reads!


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