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Falling For My Best Friend’s Twin (Love Clichés, #1) by Emma St. Clair

Rating: 4 out of 5.

If you are a romance novel fanatic like me and know a lot about the famous romance tropes we all fall for and crave, then stop what you are doing right now–as in, pronto!–and hear me out. I might just have discovered the next series you will binge read. And I am not only talking about checking off one or two of these delightful albeit clichéd romance plots. No, we are looking at a series of six–yes, six–individual novels, each with its own alluring characters and unique storylines.

I am referring to Emma St. Clair’s Love Clichés series, starting with the first book: Falling For Your Best Friend’s Twin. If you are already getting the drift of these novels based on that one title alone, then you are absolutely right. These books will explore a variety of popular romance tropes, as in the likes of: enemies to lovers, soulmates, best friends, fake relationships, forbidden romances, among others–giving a fun and humorous twist to some of your feel-good favorites. Plus, we are about to meet a fresh set of characters, ones who will give new life and meaning to romantic comedy.

This first one I finished this morning, and I am sold. I cannot wait to read the next one which is Falling For Your Boss. Anyway, as the title implies, the overall theme of the story involves the female lead character, Abby, falling in love with her best friend’s twin brother, Zane. I mean, there’s already enough awkward tension when you mention falling for your best friend’s sibling, but the author clearly doesn’t want her readers to assume she’s not up for the challenge, so she makes it even more awkward by adding the twin component. (Wooot! Way to go, Emma St. Clair!) And we know twins and their intuitive “twin sense”–which makes Zane absolutely off-limits.

Abby is a computer geek and tech genius. From the outset, we are introduced to her and her four best friends–Zoey, Harper, Sam, and Delilah. The five are roommates and have been inseparable since college. They’ve always had each other’s backs, and have always been supportive of one another’s careers. So, when Sam (aka Dr. Love) lands a massive book deal, all hands are needed on deck as a show of support–even if it means taking a gamble on dating and sharing stories of your most embarrassing dating escapades. I mean, if it’s a relatable romance trope your best friend needs to make her book deal a success, then who are you to deprive her of that? Because really? What are friends for, right?

This is where Zane comes in. Being her best friend Zoey’s twin brother, Abby has always been aware of Zane’s existence. The twins are two peas in a pod–sharing not only half of each other’s DNA, but are very similar in their personalities. A total opposite of Abby’s quirky, carefree, and almost irreverent nature. Abby and Zane may not have been close friends, but it is no secret that Abby has always had a small crush on her best friend’s twin. For as long as she’s known the twins, Abby convinces herself that crossing that particular boundary would eventually weigh in on her relationship with Zoey–one that has helped her in her most trying experiences. So, no, that boundary stays.

Zane works as a successful entrepreneur of a startup business, which is about to be launched. Having worked extremely hard to make his dreams a reality, Zane has never really taken the time to connect with people. Yes, he goes on dates, but that’s all there is to it. Just one or two dates, never really getting the chance to know another person willingly and in depth. That is until he’s forced to employ Abby’s tech genius to debug their app and get it ready for launching day. During this time, Zane slowly gets to know Abby: from her favorite takeout spot, her obsession for flat whites and Twizzlers, her infuriating sense of humor, and her passion for computer lingo 😉 . Zane finds himself endeared to not only Abby’s beauty but her confidence, unique sense of style, and her undeniable self-assurance. Abby’s far from perfect, though. And Zane has yet to unravel this side of Abby.

I give this book 4 stars. There is definitely more to the storyline that I have shared above. I don’t want to preempt the important self-realization parts. I will leave that for you to read. I like that this book is purely a romantic comedy. There is no sex scene, which makes this entire thing wholesome, to say the least. But this fact, I’m surprised, makes the story even more intriguing because the characters need not do the deed for them to be appealing. You just witness the undeniable attraction and hang on to their witty banter, to really see where their story will go and the extent of their feelings for one another.

I also admire the friendship between the female leads for this entire series. Yes, you got it right. Each of Abby’s friends will be starring in the next set of novels. It’s Zoey’s turn for book two.

One last thing, the author also released a bonus for her readers. Just a few, short pages on how Zane proposed to Emma. So that’s already a giveaway–it’s a happy ending for the Zabby couple. You can download that extra content on Emma St. Clair’s official website.

Alright, that’s it for this book. I cannot wait to read Zoey’s story and share my thoughts about it with you. See you on the next one!

  • Title: Falling For Your Best Friend’s Twin
  • Author: Emma St. Clair
  • Year published: 2020
  • Publisher: Independent Publisher
  • Total number of pages: 288
  • ISBN-13: 979-8-696-67705-7


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