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One Night Stand: Episodes 1-4 by Sarah Robinson

Rating: 3 out of 5.

This would be the first time I will be reviewing a book that is more of an erotica than my typical go-to romance novel. And this is not saying that I have not had my fair share of novels of the similar genre, because I have read many of those too, it’s just I haven’t reviewed any of them. I will soon, don’t worry. But if you are not comfortable with these kinds of novels–you know, those that are tagged as NSFW, then I recommend you skip this one.

But to be frank, as an adult I don’t think you can rid yourself of these novels. People have crazy imagination and continuously putting off conversations about sex does not really help us understand the matter. Maybe this is one of the reasons why adult romance novels often categorized as contemporary romance novels, the likes of E.L. James’ Fifty Shades of Grey series, Maya Banks’ Sweet series, Sylvia Day’s Crossfire series, to name a few, had gained enormous following and boosted popularity over the last few years. That despite its often taboo plots and overtones, people are curious about what’s inside these novels. Well, believe it or not, a lot of these books are tastefully crafted, with irresistible characters, and storylines so engrossing you’ll find yourself wanting more.

As for Sarah Robinson’s One Night Stand, compared to everything else I have had the pleasure of reading, this one is tamed and short despite it being a four-episode serial novel. Its main characters Emma and Dylan showed great chemistry–both outside and inside the bedroom. As the title implies, they’ve began their relationship through a simple hookup–borne out of Emma’s most recent breakup and Dylan’s casual dating experience. No attachments, just one night. Or so they thought.

Everything changed when they met again the morning after, when they found out they are both participants of the same wedding party: Emma as the sister of the bride and Dylan as one of the groom’s best friends. Things might have been tensed prior to this big reveal because Emma, not used to engaging in casual sex, upon finding herself alone in bed after a night she knows she will never forget, tried to contact Dylan again via Tinder (where they first met) but not anymore finding him there–as in either he completely disappeared or you know, he blocked her (which wasn’t the case, so chill).

Basically, they are forced to interact and stay within reach of one another as they are partnered and assigned to walk together at the actual wedding ceremony. They are getting along quite well, spending time together, talking about their lives and their hopes and their dreams. And in a short span of time, they are already developing feelings for each other–in lightning fast speed, if you ask me. Until, of course, another problem arises in the form of Emma’s ex-boyfriend, Blake, who is also at the wedding as a guest. Things get complicated after this but the story being short and fast-paced, it’s not easy to keep up.

I give this book 3 stars. It’s an easy read with a good build and smooth flow. However, the timeframe–as in one whole weekend–given to the characters to not only develop feelings for each other but also resolve their individual issues and manage overwhelming emotions is a bit ridiculous. It’s simply not a story that would convince me of the characters’ strong, genuine feelings. Sure, it can be further explored, but the way it was written gave a certain sense of finality–that Emma and Dylan somehow reconciled their apprehensions about dating and relationships and that they will stay together no matter what. Which again, I am not so convinced.

If you are in the mood for fast-paced, sexy romance encounters, then please consider this one. This review is just my honest opinion. I have my biases, of course. So even if I don’t agree with some parts, you just might end up enjoying it yourself if you give it a chance.

  • Title: One Night Stand
  • Author: Sarah Robinson
  • Year published: 2019
  • Total number of pages: 135


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