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Falling For Your Fake Fiancé (Love Clichés, #3) by Emma St. Clair

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Here we go with book three of Emma St. Clair’s Love Clichés series, Falling For Your Fake Fiancé.

Before you continue, make sure to read the book reviews for books one and two first. The stories are all related, and the characters are all in one universe. You can access the reviews through these links:

Okay, this one is currently my favorite. Author Emma St. Clair has taken the fake relationship trope and spun it with just the right amount of drama and an overwhelming amount of swoon. I love lead characters Thayden Walker and Delilah Hart–more than I expected. I think they’re a perfect match, and it was primarily due to Thayden’s Great Dane, Apollo’s, brilliant matchmaking skills, notwithstanding, of course, the overbearing parentals and complicated relationship status.

Delilah is the third of five female leads to share her story. (I know. We’re moving through these novels too fast!) Delilah is a gorgeous, sweet, and intelligent English literature graduate, who has had her fair share of the difficult life. Having been raised by a single mother whose main agenda was to parade her beautiful little daughter through various pageants and competitions for the sake of money (not to mention her endless number of men day in and day out), Delilah learned early on not to follow her mother’s example and promised herself to never end up like her. She has long departed from the glamour and the manipulation her childhood in pageantry (well, her childhood living with her mother, really) has taught her. Now, Delilah keeps her cards close, protecting herself and her heart from any one who dares to come close.

We met Thayden in book two, as he is one of Gavin’s best friends and also his lawyer. But we only knew Thayden the player, a reputation that got him slapped on the face and punched in the gut by Delilah during their first encounter. In this book, however, Thayden remains to be a charmer, but transforms into a completely reformed man. And I swear, he’s so swoony you’ll never believe it’s the same person!

When his father passed away, Thayden’s life was somehow upended because instead of inheriting the family business–which he worked so hard for, his ever-controlling father added stipulations in his will indicating that Thayden must be married (and stay married for at least a year) before he can take over the company. The problem is, Thayden never wanted to get married. Devastatingly handsome, young, and successful, Thayden never had issues charming people. His playboy reputation only solidifies that fact. But now at thirty-three, he doesn’t want that kind of life anymore. He is content with living the single life with Apollo as his only companion. But never one to back out of a challenge, especially one of his father’s many games, Thayden is resolved to either finding a loophole in the will or agreeing to a fake marriage.

As I mentioned above, Apollo is a brilliant matchmaker. After being ditched by Thayden at Zoey and Gavin’s wedding–and before you ask, yes, he had a legitimate excuse, Delilah didn’t think she’d see Thayden again. Well, not until she was being dragged by Apollo on the ground across doggie daycare property. Not the best way to meet each other after a failed wedding date stint, but this is just the chance they need to connect again. In which they do, but not romantically. Thayden ends up hiring Delilah as Apollo’s dog nanny–a job she really needs considering her dire financial situation. Only this time, Thayden’s mother, Elizabeth, did not get the memo.

When Elizabeth met Delilah during one of her visit’s to Thayden’s house, she automatically assumed that Delilah will play the role of the fake fiancé, not the dog walker. She’s so convinced, to the point that when she found out the truth, she took things in her own hands. She tricked Delilah into signing a contract which would bind her to Thayden for a year, as his wife. I know, I know. It’s crazy and definitely infuriating, but this contract is what started this fake engagement. Thayden and Delilah had already confirmed their amazing chemistry and shared a sweet, life-altering kiss at this point in the story, so either you take the fake engagement as a step forward or ten steps back.

I give this book 4.5 stars. There were a lot of push and pull moments between Thayden and Delilah, which just gives the idea that they can be playful and keep taunting each other, challenging each other. Also, I love Thayden’s character. His persona in this novel, especially when he’s trying to pull a Mr. Darcy on Delilah, is so adorable. He has completely fallen and completely transformed and, I’m sure, is charming all of us readers. It’s a good thing we get a lot of chapters in his perspective.

There was also more of the friendships angle in this read, unlike the second book. We see and hear enough of the original group–Abby, Zoey, Harper, and Sam, and even Zane, and Gavin, and Chase. And Ella, Zoey & Gavin’s daughter. Even Mr. Abramson, Zoey & Zane’s father. I like seeing this aspect play out–the solidity of the relationships between the characters–because this is one of the things I instantly loved when I started reading the series. I think this book managed to show readers that, apart from the heart-melting romance between the main characters.

As I write this, I am already halfway through the next part of this series–which is novella, a quick stop narrating the complicated love story of one of Sam’s co-workers, Taylor, and her best friend, Weston. I’ll write you a review once I finish it. 🙂

  • Title: Falling For Your Fake Fiancé
  • Author: Emma St. Clair
  • Year published: 2021
  • Publisher: Independent Publisher
  • Total number of pages: 312
  • ISBN-13: 979-8-711-11713-1


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