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Falling For Your Best Friend (Love Clichés, #5) by Emma St. Clair

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Before you go to today’s book review, please check the reviews for books one to four using these links:

Ahhh! There’s so many good things about this book I don’t even know where to start! I mentioned liking book 3, Thayden & Delilah’s story, but after reading this one, I have a new favorite. Quite unexpected, but I guess despite me saying I love the enemies to lovers cliché, a slow burn in the form of friends to lovers just keeps tugging at my heart strings. There is a right amount of drama, an element of surprise, pangs of jealousy and heartache, strong friendships and family ties, a whole lot of self-acceptance, and even a rare appearance by a baby goat which makes this read one, big rollercoaster ride.

There are also converging plots within this novel–scenes which takes us back to pivotal moments like that of Abby and Zane’s engagement (book one) and the chaos that was Taylor and Weston’s family Christmas party (book four). Having to reference back to these scenes adds to the seamlessness of the entire series–that though each may be read as standalone novels, these characters all belong in the same world, co-existing as each story comes to life. So, just a word of advice, best read them in order to get a similar experience.

Harper has been in and out of these novels. She’s mentioned a number of times already, but there’s not a lot we know about her–except that she’s the athletic one and that she’s best friends with Chase. We’ve seen her interact with the rest of the group, but the author has successfully kept Harper mysterious and reserved. Well, that worked in her favor because knowing Harper now, after reading this novel, she’s become a character I definitely admire and feel inspired by. It’s not anymore just about her physical strength and incredible physique, but also her mental fortitude, her bravery to surpass whatever it is she’s going through, and her ferocious protectiveness for the ones most important to her.

I can say the same for Chase. He is swoony, loyal, and lovable through and through. He’s been in love with Harper for years, but he’s never pushed her into becoming more. He respects her boundaries and has instead worked diligently on building the easy companionship they now share. He has even earned the trust and respect of Harper’s father and her three brothers. He’s fluent in everything Harper–her knowing gaze when they make quick, silent exchanges about anything confusing or humorous, her favorite food items (lentil burgers! or anything gluten-free), her shifting moods the moment things become chaotic, her discomfort with other people touching her. He’s so attuned to Harper and wants nothing but a future with her. Seriously, this guy will melt your heart. He actually reminds me a lot of Aaron Blackford’s character from Elena Armas’ The Spanish Love Deception. If you read that novel and fell in love with Aaron, there is no way you wouldn’t do the same with Chase. Warnings given, okay?

I don’t want to spoil major plots of this read, so I will just describe the events vaguely. Basically the entire novel will revolve around how Chase gets Harper–or rather how Harper gets Chase. Either way works. Theirs is a story filled with self-discovery, a bit of gut-wrenching heartache, and unconditional love. Harper insists she’s not going to be enough for Chase, for many reasons you have to read about. She ends up shaking their easy friendship after a night where they shared their sweet second kiss, which was amazing and dream-like at first but turned into heartbreaking the instant Harper pushed Chase away. Yes, that happened. Chase, having been rejected not once, but twice by the only woman he has ever loved, knew that things between the two of them have now shifted. It’s never going to be the same. No, not after that kiss, that moment of utter bliss, and more so, not after that even bigger moment of rejection and embarrassment.

Cue in Sam (aka Dr. Love) with a remedy for any of your love problems. She sets up dates for Chase (real ones, like that one with Taylor which was one of the highlights of book four), as a way of urging Harper to recognize, acknowledge, and confess her real feelings towards Chase. These dates are a mix of ridiculous and humorous (oh! and that last one just gave me nervous energy because it went so well–Chase, I swear, I would not have forgiven you if you dared replace Harper with anyone, however bright and sunny her personality is). I think by now you’ve surmised that Harper and Chase have found their back to each other. The details though you’d have to read for yourself.

I give this book 4.5 stars. Again, I love both Harper and Chase. It’s a story I took my time reading, but had no problem devouring even at the wee hours of night. I liked that the author managed to give us a glimpse of their families as well, especially Chase’s dynamic with Harper’s family. You should see that scene where Chase says goodbye to Harper’s dad and her brothers. It made me cry. We also saw a lot of the other main characters and met new ones. It’s exciting reading about new personalities.

Lastly, I am so proud of this book for giving us readers a glimpse of what it means to have a form of sensory processing disorder. I don’t want to say much about it as it might spoil the story, but what I do want to leave is that these characters are strong beyond compare. Nothing, not even a disorder, can change that.

Now I’m off to grand finale–with Sam and Rhys (aka Grandpa Gosling)!

  • Title: Falling For Your Best Friend
  • Author: Emma St. Clair
  • Year published: 2021
  • Publisher: Independent Publisher
  • Total number of pages: 390
  • ISBN-13: 979-8-502-20099-8


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