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Knocked Up By The A List by B Prince, Anastasia Slash

Rating: 2 out of 5.

Hey, reader. I hope all is well with you. ❤

Things are a little overwhelming on my end, hence the lack of new book reviews. But rest assured, this bibliophile still manages to sneak a bit of reading time every single day. Lately, my reading time would equate to my relaxing/quiet time, so it’s an activity I cannot miss–which I’m glad I’ve successfully integrated in my daily life. Anyway, today’s book review will be short, and it’s actually one of those books I consider as an unusual find because it’s the first time I’ve heard of the author.

Usually when I make my research on up-and-coming books, I would get a ton of recommended titles. Some would be from the same author, others from the same genre. Immediately, you’d find more and more familiar names as the recommendation list grows. This is why I say author B Prince is an unusual find because out of my many searches (trust me, it’s a lot), the name has never come up. But as avid readers, we know not to judge a book by its cover or discriminate against unfamiliar authors. I believe that oftentimes the ones we don’t know about are the ones that surprise us. I guess by choosing to hear a new voice, I was hoping to be surprised by the unfamiliar. Anyway, here we go with Knocked Up By The A List by author B Prince, Anastasia Slash.

First off, the plot is simple. Meghan is celebrating her 21st birthday by going out with her friends. Being a virgin at her age, Meghan has always felt different among her peers. Not that her friends are pressuring her to be sexually active, it’s just that her inexperience has, at times, made her feel left out. Wanting to get over the pressure of finally losing her virginity, and also a way to impress her friends, Meghan decides to hire “expert” services from an escort agency.

However, probably due to booking problems, the escort agency has cancelled at the last minute. This prompted Meghan to find her man through Craigslist instead (I know, it sounded like a disaster, murder-mystery waiting to happen when I got to this part). As per their agreement, Meghan will meet her mystery man at the bar where she will be celebrating with her friends. As expected, these plans aren’t fool-proof.

Instead of her arranged mystery man, Meghan ends up meeting Slade–a gorgeous former rock star, billionaire, and now aspiring politician. They bantered at the bar, felt strong attraction for each other, and ended up sharing a passionate night together. But it being Meghan’s first time, the couple forgot to use protection. Also thinking that this is the man she hired online, Meghan slips money and a note on the side table for Slade to find once he’s awake. Let’s just say, these two things are what complicates the story. Meghan lost her mystery man and got a surprise two months after that night.

I don’t want to spoil everything, but I hope what I wrote is enough to provide a gist of what supposedly happens in this read. I give this book 2 stars. I mean, the plot may work but it lacked depth and exploration. The movement of the scenes and the story, on the overall, is too fast, not giving enough details to highlight other things happening between these characters. There are also a few misspells that I found. I mean, it’s understandable, but it kinda feels that the author rushed through some chapters, overlooking these small errors.

I like the angle of Slade being an aspiring politician who must keep a favorable public image. It gives the story the conflict it needs, though it could have been more focused. It is also good to have the antagonist in the form of a frustrated pretend wife. It aligns well with the wealthy politician role the author gave Slade. I’m not sure about the character development of Meghan because some of it feels rushed and there’s not really a lot of scenes to anchor her personal growth or depth of emotions.

Anyway, it’s a fast read, but I have to be honest in saying that this book didn’t really provide me a lasting impression. But thank you author B Prince for sharing your book with the world. I saw a lot of other reviews online and they’re fairly okay, so it’s just probably me. 😛

That’s it for me today. See you on the next one!

  • Title: Knocked Up The A List
  • Author: B Prince, Anastasia Slash
  • Year published: 2017
  • Publisher: straight to Kindle
  • Total number of pages: 348


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