Podcast write-up

Podcast Ep. 53: Boses ang Puhunan with Voiceover Artist John Gusayko

Hey there!

Lately I have had the opportunity to converse with Kuya VC, and I’m just suddenly reminded of the podcast episode he kindly allowed me to create with him last year. I know! It’s been a long while. I just realized it’s almost a year since that episode was published.

With this, allow me to share with you again, this time in the blog, Episode 53: Boses ang Puhunan with Voiceover Artist John Gusayko (Vii.1786).

  • Podcast episode number: 53
  • Episode title: Boses ang Puhunan with Voiceover Artist John Gusayko (Vii.1786)
  • Date published: December 5, 2020
  • Episode description:
    • This week, I am joined by talented voiceover artist John Gusayko, or Kuya VC as I call him. He is one of the younger Filipino voiceover artists I look up to, ever since meeting him during my Voiceworx Workshop back in 2018.
    • In this episode, he takes us back to his journey which began from the BPO industry to now as a voiceover artist. He also shares with us valuable insights on things like work/career hustle, grit, dealing with rejection, finding your voice, and nurturing your talent.
    • This episode is so important to me because I am also an aspiring voice artist. As you listen to this episode, keep in mind that it’s not just you who is learning from Kuya VC, but I am too.
  • Please also check and follow John Gusayko on his social media accounts:
    • Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter: @Vii.1786
    • Youtube: John Gusayko
Music credit: MegaEnx – Closer

For the video version of the episode, please check the Youtube video below:

Ep. 53: Boses ang Puhunan with Voiceover Artist John Gusayko (Vii.1786), December 5, 2020

Post-episode write-up:

What I remember specifically about this episode are two things:

  1. How nervous and jittery I was talking to our guest, VO Artist John Gusayko

Despite having done similar, informal interviews via the podcast before, it doesn’t change the fact that I still feel very nervous during every episode. You see I have my list of fears: that by some stroke of luck, I will lose track of the conversation, probably say something offensive, or maybe I’ll just lose my internet connection in the middle of the recording.

I mean, I do whatever I can to prepare for every episode, making sure my guests are briefed, warmed up, and that they feel welcome enough to start talking about themselves and share with listeners the very things I find inspiring about them. Which leads me to the second thing…

  1. How inspired and motivated I felt after sharing this short conversation with our guest

As an aspiring voice artist, I know the some of the difficulties attached to the job. It’s meticulous, incredibly strict, time-consuming, exciting as hell, and strenuous at best. Having the chance to hear about Kuya VC’s experiences as he becomes one of the go-to voiceover artists in the industry, I find myself more determined. With his ready support and willingness to impart his knowledge, it’s given me the confidence to just keep on trying.

If you are a first-time listener of the podcast, I want you to know that for every guest that I invite, I want full listener attention turned to them, to what they are allowing viewers to absorb, to whatever story they are willing to share. I’m completely transitioning to the role of a host, a facilitator–someone who will direct the conversation, and not overwhelm it. And I am grateful that this episode successfully gets that across.

I may not have yet fully returned to my aspirations of becoming a voice artist, but after this episode, I was able to join a group of talented educators and artists who worked incredibly hard to create audio learning materials for last-mile schools. I would never have considered that if not for Kuya VC’s encouragements and show of support.

I’ll be sharing more podcast episodes on the blog soon, with post-upload write-up. 🙂 It’s good to look back and reflect on some of these episodes as they are moments I greatly enjoyed.


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