Hi, it’s Kristine.

Thank you for visiting the website. It took some time to wrap my head around what I want this to be like, and I have been endlessly envisioning this space in my mind where I can just share with you everything that I am doing. Now that it’s finally here, I am thrilled to have you with me.

Most of the time I feel like I am every where, with really no specific direction to go on. I like to sing. I do podcasting. I love language learning. I am at peace when I’m reading. I enjoy teaching. I have long discovered my passion for many things but struggle with the dilemma of not even knowing where to begin allotting my time and energy. Little by little I built small spaces to make way for these passions, starting with Instagram accounts dedicated to specific interests-the booklist, the podcast, and even a small business venture like YASSS. Despite these attempts to have strict categorizations of my life’s passions, I remained true to the vision that eventually I want everything I’ve put time and energy in to come together and be integrated.

This website is exactly that.

I know there’s still more to be improved on, as there are many things being juggled, but it’s all here now and I hope you can share it with me.